Two new litter In the middle of March.

Available puppy !

Blackface Angel Yoda.
3,5 months old male puppy for sale.
Outstanding temperament and movement.Show and breed quality.

New litter !

On May 28, a new litter was born:

5 males and 1 female !

Puppies can be booked.

New litter !!!

At the end of May, puppies will born in Blackface Angel Kennel !!!


Our Bullmastiff family once again has a new member:

Golden Uelsi Darius Blackface Angel

 (Golden Uelsi My Us Collection x Golden Uelsi La Belle )

Thank you the beautiful puppy for Natalya Mayorova.


New member of Bullmastiff family :

Absolutely Bull’s Bestseller

  (Bacardi Iz Dvariskiu x Bulberry Absolute Ceinlys)

Many thanks for Julia Andreeva.


Fullhouse Bull’s Maximus Blackface Angel

Blackface Angel Wendy